Family & Divorce Mediation

Divorce and family mediation offer couples the opportunity to resolve their issues in a non-antagonistic way. A Mediator helps couples reach solutions and keep control of the decisions that will alter their lives. A Mediator's role, as a trained professional, is to help the parties reach equitable settlement that is beneficial for the whole family.

Through Mediation, you can address virtually all important issues involving divorce, separation, redefining relationships, future dispute resolution, and parenting:

* Parenting issues, including schedules (holidays, vacations, regular parenting time, etc.) and child rearing

* Property division and financial matters

* Child support and spousal maintenance

* Other issues, as the parties choose

Child Inclusive Mediation

A targeted intervention to help separated or divorcing parents understand how their children are experiencing the separation or divorce; education and information for parents on factors that may protect a child's development from conflict.

Judy Sherwood has been personally trained by Dr. McIntosh and her colleagues in the CIM process, which was developed by Dr. Jennifer McIntosh. It is a proven, structured methodology for addressing parental conflict, with the goal of focusing on the needs, thoughts and feelings of children, and minimizing negative impacts on children.